Richard Fennell

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“My work, as personal as it is, is basically the study of light upon form and space. In pursuits of this study, I try to merge a visual truth of what is seen with basic abstract elements inherent in painting and nature.” -Richard Fennell

“Richard Fennell, who has received art degrees from both UNC-G and ECU, has long been known for his paintings of North Carolina landscapes. Using a rich palette of colors suggested by his surroundings and a highly developed brush technique, the artist depicts not only the landscape, but also the elements which make it what it is. Fennell’s paintings convey a very personal vision: light-filled and lush. The artist states, “I try to deal with and attempt to solve problems that arise through visual contact with nature. The answers to problems such as how to create a balance of color, how to create the illusion of three-dimensional forms, and how to arrange these colors and forms in a convincing space, I believe, exists in nature. What one has to do is look and observe.’ Through Fennell’s philosophy of painting, his canvases capture the changing of the seasons and the evolutions of nature as seasonal cycles progress. Fennell’s strengths are his understanding of a particular place, it’s seasons, and the time of day. All of the artist’s work is derived from nature and is a direct result of his observances of nature.” -Greenville Museum of Art catalog