Fred Sprock

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Prior to taking up oil painting, his art form was stippling. Encouraged by friends to explore more expressive forms of two-dimensional art, he enrolled in painting classes at Braitman Studio in Charlotte. He has also studied with Richard Fennel, Dee Beard Dean, and Morgan Samuel Price.

"In a world going too fast, I strive to convey tranquility. To do so, I rely on muted colors combined with high value contrasts which often results in a “two-toned” work. It is most often in the darker areas that the viewer, and myself, discover pieces of imagery that aren’t always initially apparent."

Additionally, and importantly, painting has paradoxically taught me to embrace failure. In other words, sometimes the inability to paint what I had originally envisioned leads me down paths I might not otherwise have discovered. The result, as often as not, is a painting that is more pleasing to me than that which I had set out to create.