Art Shows 2018

Wellner, Robin, Painting 2.jpg

June 11-19

Karla Mann &      

Kyle Buckland

"A Duo Exhibition: Contrasting Styles"


Presenting a duo exhibition featuring Karla Mann and Kyle Buckland, two artists whose styles differ yet both capture the beauty of local flora and fauna. Karla Mann's style is hyper-realistic, where she captures the graceful moments we humans rarely see of wildlife. She paints detail-heavy animals like local bear, deer, birds, etc. In contrast, Kyle Buckland paints plein air in an impressionist style. Vibrant colors and thick brushstrokes capture the feeling of the landscape and time of day.  Join them for a reception at the gallery, Saturday, June 16, from 5-8pm.

July 19-30

Wes Waugh &             

Lita Gatlin

"A Duo Exhibition: Contrasting Mediums"


Presenting a second duo exhibition featuring Wes Waugh and Lita Gatlin. These two artists are both well-known in the High Country and have painted local landscapes for years. Though they paint similar subject matter, Gatlin uses oil paint primarily, while Waugh uses watercolor paints. These two differing mediums show the contrast in their processes. Gatlin's brushstrokes are heavy, thick, and resilient. Waugh's watercolor's highlight a more fluid texture, ethereal and fleeting. Join the artists for a reception, Saturday, July 28, from 5-8pm.



August 6-20

A Group


"Small Works"


For a final show for the Summer 2018, we are bringing together all of our gallery's artist for a show featuring small works. All of the work will be 14" x 11" and smaller and will feature a wide range of subject matter, styles, and mediums. Participating artists include: Jason Drake, Lita Gatlin, Kyle Buckland, Robin Wellner, Paul DeMarrais. Mark Horton, Karla Mann, Fred Sprock, David Starbuck, and many more! Join us at the gallery to celebrate all of these artists for a reception on Saturday, August 11, from 5-8pm.