Edigio Antonaccio

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Egidio Antonaccio is a realistic impressionist whose oil paintings express his love of nature and a man gifted with a rare talent. Having studied with some of the great Italian masters of fine art, he has developed a brilliant and commanding style. Born in Castelluccio, Italy, in 1954, Egidio Antonaccio graduated from the Institute of Fine Art in Castrovillari, Italy, in 1973. Then in 1978, he graduated with honors from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy.

In 1981, Egidio Antonaccio came to the United States and made North Carolina his home. The mountains’ sunlit valleys and shadowy hillsides have become the inexhaustible source of inspiration for the artist. Nationwide, Antonaccio is mostly known for his floral landscapes, the themes of which vary from the elegance of the garden in a secluded estate to the simplicity of a path with dogwood trees and azalea bushes. His technique is light and delicate and his themes are romantic and gentle; each painting evokes feelings of strength, grace and wonderment. From floral gardens, richly foliaged and filled with summer scents, to vast panoramic views of hillsides and valleys, Antonaccio is multi-talented with ingenious imagination.

Having studied and painted with American master Edward Szmyd, Antonaccio has mastered the light and shadows of all his paintings! The vibrant colors of Autumn to the long drawn out shadows of the valleys and ridges of western North Carolina Antonaccio brings out the true natural aspects of all his subject matter.