Jason Drake

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“Reflections from Home” featured August 19-31

"Beautiful works of art are a reflection of the soul of an artist in communicating their view of life. The creation of beauty is one of the highest callings an artist can attain to and reflects the image of the Creator. For beauty in and of itself has value, in its ability to lift us up and to elevate what is best for us and from us. Each of us can create beauty in our own way, but I search for it in the simple things around me. The intricate patterns of texture, the subtle play of light on the skin, the turn of a shape and the boundary between mid-tone and shadow captivate me and become the surprises that set my work apart. I spend a lot of time in the mountains that surround me and enjoy the changing seasons and the changing values of light, but it is in the composition of a painting that I express my intense drive for the ideal. It is not only what I include in the subject but what I intentionally leave out that is important to me. Constantly searching for the most complete, yet the most simplistic, I work out a visual hierarchy that drives the viewer’s eyes to the part of the subject that captured my attention in the first place. The shape of a window, the delicate body of a fawn, the strength imbued in the bark of an old tree, and the dry plainness of an old weathered door are just a few of the subjects that inspire me, and I am continually looking for more like them, for they make my work enjoyable to paint and enjoyable to view." 

-Jason Drake