Robin Wellner, "Blue Ridge Impressions: Brush and Knife"

Blowing Rock Frameworks & Gallery is proud to host a solo exhibition July 17th through July 27th for one of our most popular and prolific artists, Robin Wellner. Wellner's work has been sprinkled through the gallery for a year, some paintings only spending a short while hanging on the walls before being purchased and taken home. There is a magic to Robin's work that strikes the viewer immediately. The viewer says, "I know where that is, that's my favorite place to hike!" or "We always walk to dogs around Bass Lake, that same spot!"

These scenes are so familiar because the artist paints directly from the source. Wellner practices "Plein Air" landscape painting in which the artist brings all materials along outside and picks a landscape to represent. She can sometimes be spotted along the side of Shull's Mill road painting Grandfather or sitting along the trail at Cone Manor, capturing the soft yellows and bright greens we High Country folk are so fond of.

     "...the palette knife is used to sculpt heaping drifts and dunes of paint into imagery..."

"Reflections, Price Lake" by Robin Wellner

Wellner's palette knife painting style creates a unique quality to her work that very few others can achieve. Though sometimes she uses brushes to add a softness to her paintings, her main tool of choice, the palette knife, is used to sculpt heaping drifts and dunes of paint into imagery that not only represents a landscape, but stands alone as a textural body. These paintings give the viewer two experiences: one being the overall beauty of her scenery she depicts, second being the up close beauty of the sculpted mounds of cool blues and earthy greens. The heavy application allows an abstractedness to define the landscape. Wellner's palette is consistent with her entire of body of work making these paintings ideal as compliments to interior design, to be hung in groups or as stand alone statement pieces.

We invite everyone to please stop by the gallery from July 17th through July 27th to see this beautiful body of work. We also would like to extend a public invitation to Robin's reception, Saturday, July 22nd, from 5pm to 8pm. Come see the work, enjoy some hors d'oeuvres and meet the artist herself!