JULY 19-30: Lita Gatlin and Wes Waugh

JULY 19-30 A Duo Exhibition: Contrasting Mediums



Please join us for an amazing July show, featuring two of our most well-known, long-time artists: Wes Waugh and Lita Gatlin. Both Waugh and Gatlin have been involved and selling their art at the gallery for over a decade. These artists will be featured together to highlight the contrast in the mediums they use. They paint similar subjects and both have a bright, rich palette, yet Gatlin is an oil painter, and Waugh uses a softer medium, watercolor.

Wes Waugh, a High Country local, is a man of many skills, his most refined skill being watercolor. Waugh is an amazing watercolor artist who has an eye for color and amazing techniques. Waugh focuses mainly on mountain scenes from Western NC, but he is known to paint the Montana landscape as well. Waugh's colors stand apart from many watercolor artists, in that they are vibrant and sometimes unconventional. Wes uses wet on wet techniques to create beautiful blends in colorful skies, or wet on dry to create sharp distinctions of rock formations or even old farmhouses. 

Lita Gatlin also paints local scenery: large renditions of well-known local panoramas, captured in amazing technicolor. Her style straddles the line of abstraction and representation, capturing the nature of a place, while emphasizing the color and light with an interesting palette. Gatlin is an avid trail-runner and hiker, so she captures her subjects on the go and takes the photographs back to her studio to translate them into masterpieces. Gatlin is Blowing Rock Frameworks & Gallery's best seller.


at the gallery for a reception. Refreshments will be provided and the artists will be here to discuss their work.