“The Happy Mother”

Elliott Daingerfield ( 1859-1932) oil on canvas 40” x 32”

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“The Happy Mother” by Elliott Daingerfield is an oil painting measuring 40” wide by 32” tall. The painting is quite beautiful, with bright greens and blues, which contrasts the usual darkness that dominates the majority of Daingerfield paintings. The scene is a beautiully rendered landscape of a lake with a verdant mountain landscape in the background, all leading the eye around to the path in the foreground, where a romantic young mother is taking her small child for a walk.

The piece has amazing provenance and historical significance for the High Country. It was purchased directly from Daingerfield by Robert Hayes Gore, the founder and owner of the historic Green Park Inn. The painting was descended to Robert’s son after his passing, who kept it in the collection until recently. The painting is now on display at Blowing Rock Frameworks & Gallery along with three other pieces, a watercolor and two pastels.