William McCullough

William McCullough was born in 1948 and is a native of South Carolina. In 1968 he left South Carolina for the National Academy of Art and Design in New York City. He spent four years figure drawing and painting at the National Academy of Art and Design. He studied under acclaimed realist painters Eric Eisenberger, Daniel Green, Robert Brackman and John Koch while in New York and New England.

William McCullough is a southern realist painter. McCullough paints in the plein-air tradition, popularized by the French Impressionists. His landscapes, portraits, and still-s are classically rendered in oil and pastels. McCullough also does commissions of various subject matter. He can be found throughout the year painting in Provence, France, the mountains of North Carolina, Charleston, South Carolina, Taos, New Mexico and elsewhere. Traveling to many different areas of his liking, He has so many subject matters, each painting becomes more exciting to him than the last.

McCullough has a style of putting the oil on canvas, and allowing the viewer to blend into the painting and almost feel what the artist does when s painting. Collected throughout the United States, Canada and Europe, McCullough truly is one of the premier painters of the Southeast.