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Nancy Brittelle

In 1997, Nancy’s move to Blowing Rock, NC, as a summer resident precipitated a change in her life when she made the commitment to become a professional artist. Now a full-time resident, Nancy explores all aspects of watermedia in her studio overlooking Grandfather Mountain . Her work is distinguished by a strong use of line and a high contrast of light and shadow and can be found in collections throughout the United States . At the present time, she continues to develop her work in collage, focusing on layering techniques which create a richness of texture and explore the many complex networks that give form and shape to all things.

Artist statement: Having begun painting at the mid-century point in my life, I have increasingly found myself drawn to images which so fascinated me as a child. I can recall making houses, rooms and furniture from cardboard and other materials, cutting out pictures from magazines and rejoicing when I found something that was “just the right size” for my creations. As I develop as an artist, I attempt to present a view of the world that is uniquely mine, seeking out those images that continue to captivate me and connect me to the world in which I live.