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Blowing Rock NC Custom Framing

Framing artwork for the public now for over 14 years, we strive to enhance every piece brought in our custom frame shop. We offer over 2500 different frames from simple woods to very ornate finished corner frames and everything in between. We offer over 750 mats of all colors and designs from standard colors to hand wrapped silks and suede’s. We have always wrapped our fabric liners by hand to give our clients over 800 to choose from. Fillets are wonderful to enhance any work of art next to the mat or frame and we offer over 500 fillets. We offer the century’s old technique of French matting and French lines which always enhance any matted piece of art.

We have framed everything from original Picasso’s and Chagall’s to kindergarten art, limited edition prints and Giclee’s , so whatever there is to be framed WE WILL DO IT.

The primary framers at Blowing Rock Frameworks & Gallery, LTD are Tim K. Miller and Kathleen Janowiak.

Tim is a CPF (Certified Picture Framer) and a GCF ( Guild Commended Framer) with many years of framing and continuing education in the framing industry backing his knowledge of fine art and the proper techniques to frame almost anything properly.

Kathleen has been framing for a number of years and is one of the best frame designers in the industry. Kathleen is also a CPF (Certified Picture Framer)

With state of the art equipment and techniques our completion time for framing 95% of everything brought in (including beveled mirrors) is always less than 2 weeks (excluding shadowboxes).

Come and see for yourself why over 7,000 use us for all their framing needs. We guarantee all of our work as well.